150 m2 The layout of the studio is designed with three cavettos (upper and lower) and ceiling, perfect for bottom view shooting.   Volume 480m3 (15 m x 10 m x 3.2 m) 270 degree angle rotation options Sound The Technics receiver with power 2x100W Air conditioning

When the studio is rented for 12 hours, you have 30 coffees for free.

The studio is fully air-conditioned, providing maximum privacy and it is large enough for some bigger objects such as car, horse or alligator.

If you are interested, we can also take care of your bellies/catering.

EQUIPMENT in the studio

2x Strand Halogen 2000w
4x Strand Halogen 1000w
2x Strand Halogen

Rental Prices

20,00  / hour.
40,00  / hour.
White screen
60,00  / hour.
Green, black, ... screen
10,00  / hour.

The price includes the studios for a makeup artist and costume designer. Minimum rent is 50 €.