165 m2

The layout of the studio is designed with three cavettos (upper and lower) and ceiling, perfect for bottom view shooting.

Volume 528m3

(15 m x 11 m x 3.2 m)

270 degree angle

rotation options

Air conditioning

When the studio is rented for 12 hours, you have 30 coffees for free.

The studio is fully air-conditioned, providing maximum privacy and it is large enough for some bigger objects such as car, horse or alligator.

If you are interested, we can also take care of your bellies/catering.

EQUIPMENT in the studio

2x Strand Halogen 2000w
4x Strand Halogen 1000w
2x Strand Halogen

Rental Prices

20,00  / hour.
40,00  / hour.
White screen
60,00  / hour.
Green, black, ... screen
10,00  / hour.

The price includes the studios for a makeup artist and costume designer. Minimum rent is 200 €.