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"We are Jumpcat, a creative studio. We not only enjoy putting the ideas of other smart people into action, but also love thinking up our own ones, be it in our studio or anywhere else. Depending on the project, we work together with talented folks from advertising, film, and art direction who constitute our team."

Slavomír & Vanda

We focus mainly on filming interesting audiovisual projects.

  • /online video
  • /tv spot
  • /promotion video
  • /event video
  • /video-clip
  • /making of
Rent a Studio
  • The area of our studio is 121,8 m² and the layout includes three concave moldings (top and bottom) and ceiling, space is ideal for shooting soffits.
  • The volume of 377,58 cubic meters (14,5 x 8,4 x 3,1)
  • Space for photo shooting, scene 88,07 m² (11,95m x 7,37m)
  • Possible 270° angle of rotation of the image options.
  • Sound distribution – Technics receiver 2x100W
  • Rental price starting at 10€/hod
  • The possibility of filming and photo shooting 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 366 days a year
  • Suitable for demanding production due to its layout
  • Besides several cars and SUV, in the studio will also fit a fair amount of liters of water, controlled fire and, of course, well behaved animals.
  • The studio is fully air-conditioned
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